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You play as an impoverished citizen of the "Citadel of the Ascended", a city of mages who rule over all. Those without magic are forced into the lowest caste and live off the dregs of the mages. Tired of living in an oppressed state, rise up and take your place in the city. Climb the shoulders of the elites, avoid their golems, and steal their magic.

(Link apparently broke)

Updated: Lighting improved, fixed some collision issues with objects and enemies. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mk8kgiwgwhe0101/Citadel%20of%20the%20Ascended.zip?dl=0

Controls & Instructions

Food is important, without it, you will starve, and magic requires hunger.

Don't forget to save, or you will have to restart from the beginning.

W A S D: Movement

Shift: Sprint

Mouse: Camera

Spacebar: Jump

CTRL: Crouch (Toggle, important for getting around those mages)

1 2: Select Spell (Unlocked by collecting scrolls from the towers)

Right Click: Cast Spell

Stun - 1: Aim at an enemy and Right Click to stun for a few seconds at the cost of some hunger

High Jump - 2: Right Click to launch yourself into the air at the cost of some hunger

Hold E: Pickup Food (1-second timer to collect food, White Glowing boxes are food)

Tab: Open Inventory (Click a white box to eat food and restore hunger)

Q: Rest (Can only be done within the pink bounding boxes, restores health and saves your game)


Citadel of the Ascended

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